These are my favorite pictures of my friends and loved ones. I have other pictures shown as thumbnails (they don't chew up bandwidth) so click on those if you want to see them.
My mom came up to visit me during my last weekend of living in San Francisco. This is a picture of us in front of the Pier 39 Christmas Tree... SF is such an awesome place to be at Christmas time.
My last successful hunting trip. This was the first time I went duck hunting. My cousin Josh got some birds too...
Here I am playing a Latin Solo for the song "Topaz", which was my the halftime opener my senior year at Tulare Union High School.
This is Me and my best friend David Smith just a few hours before we became high school graduates. David is currently on a Mormon Mission in Argentina. He plans on attending Cal Poly when he returns from his Mission.
This is Me and my other best friend Kyle Schroeder. We are racing Go Carts during our Band Trip in Tennessee. Kyle is studying Finance at Wharton College of Business at the University of Pennsylvania.
Me at Camden Yards
Me and my cousins
After the Kill
My dog, Val