Music (Musical Resume)

Music has been and continues to be a very important part of my life. My parents bought me a used Yamaha cornet when I was in 5th grade, and so began my love affair with music. In 7th grade my mom bought me my first trumpet, a Conn 1000B. This got me through the next couple of years, but during 10th grade I got my braces off and I quickly hit the limit of the capabilities of the horn. I went down to White's Music Center and sat in Mr. White's office for several hours trying out all the professional model horns they had in stock. I decided on the Schilke S-32 model, a very beautiful horn, and it is still my main horn.

In 2002 I also picked up a Stomvi ST-5250 (Picture Here) C-Trumpet off of ebay. It was in excellent condition when I purchased it and it has a bright crisp sound when it plays. It comes with two different bells. The first is a gold-plated brass bell which matches the rest of the horn. The other bell is solid sterling silver which is a much heavier metal than brass (shown in the picture). I much prefer the sound with the silver bell on, and use it almost exclusively.

In May 2003 I bought a Kanstul ZKF-1525 (Picture Here) Flugelhorn, also from ebay. It is a beauitful horn, made with a heavy solid copper bell; it gives an extremely dark sound perfect for those mellow jazz songs.

I have collected several recordings with various groups throughout the years. If you are interested, feel free to check them out:

  • Echano. Recorded with the Cal Poly Mustang Band during a 1997 recording session. The location is the beautiful Cal Poly Performing Arts Center.The opening trumpet solo is played by James Hollabaugh, then I join him for a duet, and then I play the next trumpet solo. The song features the entire power house Cal Poly Trumpet Section (Chops) in the brilliantly loud finale. This piece was the closing number in our 1996 halftime show. If you are interested in Cal Poly trivia, this recording session was the first ever multi-track recording session in the PAC. We used the 2-channel stereo mic that hangs above the house seating, and we also positioned 6 microphones strategically throughout the band. These 8 tracks were recorded to a DAT, ripped to WAV files, and filtered/mixed by Loren Keagle before being cut to CD. More tracks from that recording session are available for download at the Cal Poly Mustang Band Media page.
  • Nights In White Satin. Recorded live with the Cal Poly Mustang Band at the 1999 Bandfest concert. The location is again the Cal Poly Performing Arts Center. The trumpet duet at the beginning is played by Rhett Garber and me, and I play the trumpet solo halfway through the song.
  • Three Pieces. (Who wrote this?) Recorded live with the Hewlett Packard Cupertino Brass at the HP Symphony Orchestra Friends and Family Concert, April 2002. The location is the less-than-beautiful Oak Room, in Building 48 of the HP Cupertino site. Forgive the musical mistakes. We work hard at HP, and didn't have a lot of practice time. ;-)
  • In November/December of 2002 I played in a production of "1940's Radio Hour" with Coastal Reportory Theatre, a local theatre group in Half Moon Bay, CA. Because their theatre is quite small, they decided to use a jazz combo instead of a big band (the score was originally written for a full big band). These recordings were made live during a show on December 13, 2002. What you are hearing is an MP3 that was made by taking the sound track off of a VHS tape. The sound track on the tape was capture by the little microphone on the camera, and not from a patch on the sound board. Read: The sound quality is not great, but it's enough to hear the trumpet solos.